Yuki Chikudate - keyboard, vocals
James Hanna - guitar, vocals
Ben Shapiro - drums

Asobi Seksu presents its new album, Citrus, out May 30: eleven slices of guitar-swirling, sweet-and-sour, bilingual dream pop. Frontwoman Yuki’s voice is more assured than ever, swinging from a girlish falsetto to plaintive laments and switching effortlessly between Japanese and English lyrics, all the while anchored by the lush, turbulent guitar of James Hanna. This is the sound of a band coming into its own, and having fun doing it.

Asobi Seksu (colloquial Japanese for “playful sex”) released its debut album in 2004 to significant critical acclaim, winning rave reviews from the New York Times, Nylon, Under the Radar, YRB, and XLR8R, among others; scoring a #1 video on mtvU’s Dean’s List with the song “Walk on the Moon;” garnering a top ten spot on CMJ’s radio charts; and becoming an instant favorite in the NYC scene, playing packed shows at the Bowery, Knitting Factory, and Mercury Lounge.

For its second album, the band regrouped with a new rhythm section and headed into Gigantic Studios in New York to record with producer Chris Zane (Les Savy Fav, Calla, the Cloud Room). The result is tremendous: a powerful, sweeping album, sung in both English and Japanese, that showcases Yuki and James’ ever-growing songwriting skills. Once again, designer Sean McCabe (Interpol, Spoon, Mates of State) has created a stunningly psychedelic visual aesthetic for Citrus that further brings to life the band’s vision.

Asobi Seksu have always been masters at creating musical textures; gauzy, cloudy dreamscapes for their slower songs and squalls of guitar and daisy-chained effect pedals for their barnstormers. What truly distinguishes Citrus, though, is that the band has now married this ability to a finely honed pop sensibility. The songs here aren’t just “pretty,” they’re melodically rich and incredibly catchy. As their captivating live show attests, Asobi Seksu have outgrown the comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and Lush, and have finally realized their potential as one of New York’s greatest bands. True to its name, Citrus is every bit as sweet and delicious as it sounds.

"Feels more like a whole than anything My Bloody Valentine or Lush ever released." - XLR8R

"Veering from almost overwhelming melancholia to euphoric walls of white noise, thier complex, rhythmic sounds is reminiscent of Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine and even Scottish post-rockers Mogwai, while being distinguished from all of these by Yuki's vocal virtuosity." - Nylon

"What do you get when you cross breathy Japanese vocals, Daniel Johnston-style percussion, and prototypical 80s guitar jangle? Two things: Asobi Seksu's 'I'm Happy But You Don't Like Me' and a nominee for Happiest Fucking Song Ever. Fortunately, Asobi Seksu know from cloying, and they balance their bubbly vocalist with hyper-distorted guitars buzzsawing straight through a cacophonous chorus that features a melody as irresistibly charming as the song's fragmented title. If this is just one pocket of sugary genius, give me more; if it reflects a greater phenomena of musical trends being distilled through other cultures decades after the fact, then let's lock the last 15 years in a closet and move the hell to Japan. I mean, New York." - Pitchfork


Released May 4, 2004

$10.00 CD
$7.99 Digi TOPSPIN
» Walk on the Moon
» Sooner

Released May 30, 2006

$10.00 CD
$7.99 Digi TOPSPIN

» New Years
» Thursday
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Walk On The Moon

4/16 New York, NY @ Highline Ballroom
4/20 Baltimore, MD @ Goucher College Central Courtyard
4/28 Poughkeepsie, NY @ Vassar College
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