"Starry-eyed and slinky bass-ed, it's teen heartache given pop form." - NME  
Asobi Seksu   Asobi Seksu"In the hands of Asobi Seksu's gifted James Hanna, the guitars ebb and swell less like the infamously turbulent English Channel and instead soak your skull like a torrential, well-received downpour on a steaming August afternoon in New York." - YRB
  camphor   camphor title
Camphor's Drawn to Dust offers up a dark but catchy listening experience reminiscent in flashes of artists like Beck, Nick Cave, Sufjan Stevens, Sparklehorse, Brian Wilson, Calexico, Wilco and late-era Talk Talk. The album will be released in February 2008.
  camphor   camphor title
The newest album from Swedish indie-pop legends the Concretes, entitled "WYWH," is dreamy and beautiful, but with a pulsing, hypnotic backbeat that is a new and welcome addition to the band's signature sound. It's disco that exists somewhere in the space between smiles and tears. Disco dreaming of being elsewhere.
  david photo   david title
"Their sound is a sunny, spastic, orchestrated, multi-layered flavor of indie pop music, not too far removed from Neutral Milk Hotel, with a similar hint of darkness and melancholy in amongst the sweet melodies and harmonic vocals... I personally think it's pretty fantastic" - Music for Robots
  Delay Trees   Delay Trees
Finland’s Delay Trees are one of the most interesting new bands to come out of the Nordic indie music scene. Their sound brings to mind various other oft-cited Scandinavian musical touchstones - Sigur Ros, Mew - but what sets Delay Trees apart is that their songs, while expansive and cinematic in their presentation, are anchored by a savvy sense of melody and counterpoint.
  elk city photo   elk city title
"Renee LoBue's voice is astounding - she has incredible range and sounds like a female Bowie engaged in a three-way with Hope Sandoval and Patti Smith." - The Village Voice
  Erika   Erika Spring
Lead single “6 More Weeks”, her contribution to a split 7” with Violens, features rolling toms and hovering layers of synths in a song of starless, tropical surrender.
  faunts photo   faunts title
"Faunts do an excellent job of infusing their post-rock compositions with warmth, rather than hiding behind a wall of feedback" - Splendid Magazine
  ohonoono   oh no ono
"Chilly murder ballads... with just guitar and a closely miked voice, it's aimed straight at those goths among us who can't take any more long, dark nights without a new Mazzy Star album." - Mojo
  ohonoono   oh no ono
"[T]hey sound like Devo sticking their fingers in a powersocket... at a helium balloon factory... on the moon." - NME
  old soul   old soul title
"Luca Maoloni's endearing warble is the lone constant amid richly detailed storybook scenery that mutates unpredictably, like a dream where Burt Bacharach and the Super Furry Animals are hanging in a pawn shop whose contents suddenly develop minds of their own." - Eye Weekly
  phcb_small   phcb_name_sm
"...the perfect soundtrack for a Sunday afternoon barbeque, or a Monday morning wake-up call."
- Esquire
  Regina   Regina
“A beautiful indie pop export... it is a charming twist on electronic world-pop with folk sprinkled on top" - Zink
  Treefight For Sunlight   Treefight For Sunlight"Packing shades of The Turtles, The Association, and fellow Danish dream-poppers The Kissaway Trail, Copenhagen's Treefight For Sunlight must surely be one of 2011's brightest hopes." - Mojo
  Violens   Violens
Blending the ambient synths of Cocteau Twins and Sisters of Mercy with blistering guitar textures evoking Crass and Minor Threat, NYC band Violens' debut album "Amoral" presents psychedelic sonic collages layered with 60's vocal harmonies.
"These guys are the next big Canadian indie supergroup." - Rolling Stone
"...an impressive album of displacement anxiety with sonics to match. Think Mercury Rev making a break up album. ****4 Stars" - The Independent
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